While some people opt to sell their homes themselves, otherwise known as “For Sale by Owner,”  there are more than a few reasons why having a realtor sell your home is a good idea. Many choose to sell their own homes as they believe it will help them save money. While this may be true upfront, the amount of work that goes into selling a home often comes as an unpleasant surprise. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional real estate agent to sell your home. 

Selling a Home is a Full-Time Gig

When one chooses to sell their own home, they are typically already working a full time job themselves. Think about it, real estate agents sell homes as a full time job. By selling your home while working, you’re essentially working two jobs! This will add on unnecessary stress, and may cause you to make uninformed decisions. 

Not to mention, your availability for when you can show your home will naturally be limited, which may cause you to lose out on offers, leaving your home on the market for longer than necessary.  On the flip side, a realtor can show your home to dozens of people while you’re out at work! Say no to the stress and leave the hard work to the professionals!

Agents Are Unbiased

Selling your home can be emotional! This may cause you to feel that your home is worth more and list it over priced, or ignore lower offers. By having a real estate agent act as the seller, you have a professional that is unbiased towards your home, and help consult you on how to make the best, and most logical decisions. Ultimately, this will get you the best possible outcome. Your home will sell faster, and you’ll likely end up with more money in your pocket.

Leave Negotiating to the Professionals

Think about it, an experienced real estate agent has negotiated hundreds, maybe even thousands of home offers before. Many times in the case of a For Sale by Owner, it’s the seller’s first time negotiating. A buyer’s agent is so much more likely to win a negotiation, resulting in a higher sale when all is said and done. 

What’s more, agents are plugged into the market, meaning they know what in-demand features are worth negotiating for, and what features to settle on. This knowledge also allows your house to sell faster!

So, there’s no doubt than having your home sold by a professional real estate agent has its perks. Not only will it lessen your stress, but the odds that your home will sell for what it’s worth (or more!) are much, much higher!