No matter the size of your kitchen, with a few simple adjustments you can make the most important room of the house feel spacious, modern, and clean. Increasing storage and clearing counters is key. Use these tips and tricks to help you get the most of your space, or apply them to help attract buyers when selling and staging your home.

1.) Clean Out The Clutter. Before doing any organizing, declutter your belongings. Go through your kitchen to determine what is actually used- then get rid of the rest. Cut down on the number of gadgets, plates, and cups kept in your home. By cutting down on what you have, space gets freed up while decreasing the number of dishes that need cleaning!

2.) Use Every Bit of Space. Install shelves, magnet strips, and peg boards to offer up more storage by using the space on your walls. Hang pots and pans over the island, or attach knives and kitchen spices to magnetic wall mounts- this can clear up more drawer space for kitchen gadgets and eatery. Installing a simple mug rack against a wall is a great storage solution and can serve a piece of interest for any prospective buyers. Similarly, placing cork on the inside of cabinets is also a clever use of space; by attaching hooks, measuring tools can be hung for easy access.

3.) Make Use of the Space Above Countertops. By using matching baskets and crates, you can make use of the extra space in these areas, all the while making the space seem more clutter-free. This idea is great for storing seasonal or rarely used items.

4.) Downsize Your Furniture. If your space isn’t big enough to support a traditionally sized kitchen table, opt for a smaller table that functions well in different spaces. We love bistro tables because of their functionality and modern appeal! Check out some inspiration here. For even more space, install a drop-down table that folds out from the wall, so that it’s only out when needed.

5.) Makeshift Islands. While islands are a great addition to any kitchen, a permanent option isn’t always practical. To offer more counter space opt for a wood table or rolling metal cart to act as an island. This way, it can be moved in or out depending on the day, and would ideally offer bottom shelving to store items.

6.) Take a Trip to the Container Store. They have tons of different storage solutions ranging from stackable shelves to utensil organizers and Lazy Susans. You’re bound to find an option that works in your kitchen, helping to make the most of the space you have.

7.) Upgrade Your Lighting. Get rid of any harsh fluorescent lighting, and replace it with cooler toned light bulbs. Likewise, avoid dark colored walls as they tend to make spaces seem smaller than they actually are. Stick to lighter neutral colors, and place a few potted plants around- it will help brighten up the space and improve the air quality.

Let us know if you have any additional tips to help make a small space seem bigger! #richardsrealtygroup