Are you selling your home this summer? Richards Realty Group can help! The Texas housing market heats up every summer, and it’s a great time to list your home for sale. If you’re not sure where to begin, home staging tips are a great place to start. Today, we’re going to share our expert tips for proper summer home staging! 


Curb Appeal


Selling your home starts with proper staging, beginning with curb appeal. One way to create the best curb appeal during summer is to have a clean, freshly-trimmed lawn. The vivid green grass is eye-catching and can highlight some of your home’s best exterior qualities. Upgrading your landscaping and pathways, as well as freshening up your garden will help potential buyers notice your home before they even make it to the entryway. Catch people’s eyes from the road and they will be more likely to want to see your home up close this summer.


Light Up Your Space


Natural light can enhance the interior of your home. Prioritize windows that let in sunlight by keeping them clutter-free and open during showings. Light, sheer curtains can add a modern touch while allowing the sun to brighten your space. During summer, take note of where the sun shines and highlight those areas when arranging your decor and furniture for staging. Be sure to add interior lights at the right temperature (warm for cozy and soft mornings or cool tones to bring your potential buyers energy in the afternoon) to account for changes in weather and sunlight.


Share Your Home’s Best Qualities


When showing your home to potential buyers, make sure to highlight its best qualities, such as ample storage and a modern open-concept layout. Also, emphasize unique features that meet buyers’ needs, especially during the summer. Use modern and timeless decor, as well as summer staging tips, to attract the right buyer quickly. Richards Realty Group has decades of experience in staging and selling homes in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, and we will assist you in making the best staging decisions to get your home on the market and in front of buyers this summer!

Once your home is staged properly, it is more likely to sell! Taking note of other homes that catch your eye is a great way to gain inspiration for your own. We hope our hot tips for summer home staging helped you create a vision for your freshly staged home. For assistance selling your home and purchasing your dream house, contact Richards Realty Group today!