Spring is the hottest season in real estate. But what does this mean for you? Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, or simply browsing, the real estate market matters! Christine Richards of Richards Realty Group is happy to be your guide to the buying and selling process in Texas. We’ve shared expert tips previously, but today we’re going to focus on Spring! As the weather breaks, buyers and sellers are prone to changes within the real estate market. Let our experts explain what to expect in real estate this season!


Mortgage prices may be unpredictable.


During Spring, many buyers are on the hunt for their perfect home. This could be beneficial if you are a seller, but unhelpful if you’re a buyer who’s also searching. At the rate the housing market is fluctuating currently, mortgage prices may be harder to predict than usual. The best way to be prepared is to keep track of the market as best you can! If you’re looking for assistance with understanding the Texas housing trends, we can help! As a resident of The Woodlands and a real estate expert, Christine Richards can help you navigate the ever-changing housing market. 


Listings should stand out.


We’ve talked about home staging in a previous blog, and this is more important now than ever. Even with an influx of buyers, sales may not be quick if the listing is lackluster. A great way to ensure your listing is as polished as it can be is to work with a Realty expert like Christine Richards. We also have an abundance of tops and tricks on our social media pages! Looking to previously sold homes for inspiration may also help inspire you when taking listing photos and preparing your home for staging.


Understand your local area.


Whether you’re buying, browsing, or selling in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, Christine Richards will be there to help you understand the local area. Unsure of which school district your new home would fall into? Wondering where the best places to eat are nearby? How long would this new commute take you? Richards Realty has enough experience to know the answers to those questions better than anybody else in the area.


Now that we’ve shared more about Spring being the hottest season in real estate, we hope you feel more prepared to start (or continue) your real estate journey! If you’re unsure who to turn to, Christine Richards of Richards Realty Group strives to be your resource on the Texas housing market. From property search beyond, Christine Richards is your best bet.

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