Summer-ready spaces hold their own special, inviting atmosphere. What’s the most important aspect of selling your home? The atmosphere. Between decor choices, cleanliness, and overall appeal, the environment that you foster is the first thing that potential buyers will notice. If a home feels cluttered, rushed, or thrown together, people will sense that the second they walk through the door. Today, we’re going to touch on some basic seller tips to make your home ready for buyers during Summer. 

Utilize The Space

Being that you’re selling your home, you probably already have seen it fully decorated. We talked about how to properly stage a home in the past, but when we are discussing Summer there’s a few key points. Using up the space that you have available to you is one of the ways to show off how versatile and malleable your home is. The more potential that buyers see in the space for all seasons, the more likely they are to purchase. For Summer, one of the best ways to show off your space is to spread out! Not just decluttering, but doing a bit of rearranging can bring new life to an old space. In addition to this, think bright. Yellows, oranges, and natural tan hues perfectly compliment a warm summer day. A little pop of sunshine in the staged decor can’t hurt either. 

Summer Sunshine

The Summer sun is a great way to show off your home’s summer-ready properties. Wherever possible, open blinds, curtains, and even doors. This will not only make your space look bigger, but more welcoming. Natural light is a key aspect in most homebuyer’s dreams, but what if that’s not an option? If natural light isn’t available in your space, try some sun-inspired lamps. These can not only be a ray of warmth to those walking through, but they can add as an extra decoration to pull the space together. In addition to your new, comforting lamps, try mixing up the window treatments using sheer curtains instead of opaque. Even more summer-ready are the bright colors that were mentioned earlier being used to highlight the windows and make them look grand.

With Summer in full-swing, these seller tips will make sure your home is seller and summer ready.