When staging your home for sale, a few key points come to mind. A clean atmosphere, modern décor, and a welcoming environment are all wonderful things to have. The warmer the environment of a home, the more likely people will be attracted to the interior. gorgeous colors, modern furniture, and small details all make up the perfectly staged home. Here’s a few examples of expertly-designed spaces. 


It may seem obvious, but the first thing to do when staging a home is to make sure it is not only clean and disinfected, but organized. This will do a few things for the potential customer. It will make the space look larger, it will give them ideas on how they can easily organize this space, and it will give them ideas on how this home could be the one for them. When decluttering, be sure to avoid tossing everything into a closet, as these may be viewed by those walking through, and could turn them away from the home as a whole. A well organized space is an inviting space. 


Arrange Practically

Arranging the furniture and décor is a task in itself, but if it isn’t done practically it could turn away potential buyers. Why? While it’s true not everyone would design their home the same, some processes should be avoided for optimum functionality. Try to pay close attention to details, such as having the sofa or table placed appropriately. It never hurts to try the layout for yourself before deciding on the final place for the furniture. Be mindful of doors having enough room to swing open without hitting the corners of furniture, and the same goes for any stairs. Ensuring a clear pathway will invite guests in, and make them remember the home fondly.

Christine Richards

Stay Neutral

One of the simplest ways to stage a home in a clean way is to keep the décor choices neutral. Neutral doesn’t need to be drab! There are plenty of gorgeous pieces that are still neutral. The benefits of keeping a neutral look is to not overshadow a potential buyer’s vision for their new home. If every room has a bright color scheme, that makes it difficult for the potential buyer to envision their preferred style, and could turn them away from the home. Keeping things modern and playing with a neutral color scheme will allow the potential buyers to picture their desired home, and apply it to the one you’re showing.

No matter who your perfect buyer is, they’re sure to appreciate the time and effort that goes into staging a ho

me successfully. These tips can help you develop your own routine, and keep a checklist to ensure that you’re hitting the mark every time!