Making your home ready to sell? Home staging tips are a great place to start. The Texas housing market has fluctuations like any location, but those trends are vital to selling your home. In addition to keeping up with trends, we’ve gathered some expert tips on how to be sure your home is ready to sell! Here’s our top 5 home staging tips and tricks for sellers. 


A Staged Home Is An Organized Home


Doesn’t your home feel at peace when everything is in its place? Prospective buyers will notice your extra effort to showcase your home’s organizational abilities. This can also inspire those viewing your home to imagine how this home could help them stay organized! Ensuring that your home is clutter-free is just the first step in the staging process. 


What’s Your Home’s Best Features? Highlight Them!


Is there a focal point in your home? If so, you should be sure to make it known. For instance, if you have a fireplace in the family room, be sure to show it off with the way your furniture is structured! Have exceptionally good natural light? Open those blinds! All of these little details can make a huge difference in how prospective buyers see your home. Remember, staging is all about showing your home’s best features front and center. 


The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home (They Sell Too!)


The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially this time of year with the Holidays approaching! Similar to your home’s best features, your kitchen should be showcased in the best way possible. Most of people’s time is actually spent in the kitchen, so it’s important to love it. This will be on prospective buyer’s minds as they tour any home for sale, so make sure yours stands out! 


What Works For One Seller Won’t Work For All Buyers


Staging a home for sale can be a lot of work, but keep in mind your end goal. Ultimately, what works for you and your family may not be the perfect solution for a buyer and their family. Be sure to touch base with your realtor, stay on top of market trends, and browse blogs like ours for inspiration! The perfect buyers exist, but they need to find your home in the best condition possible. 


The Exterior Staging Is Just As Important


When we think of staging a home for sale, we often focus mostly on interior design. We love interior design trends and tips here at Christine Richards Realty, but it’s important to not forget the exterior design of your home as well. Landscaping, flowers, and general curb appeal are crucial when staging your home for sale. You never know, the person driving by may be your perfect buyer! 


With all of these tips, plus the prime-time selling that happens in the Fall, your home is sure to sell in no time! Even better, these tips can help ensure that the RIGHT buyers for you will not only walk through your staged home, but fall in love with it too. Remember that no matter the time of year, the right realtor can change your home staging and selling experience. 

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