Home Decor Trends: What To Look For In 2022

Home decor is ever-changing. 2022 has been a year of change. We’ve seen this in the housing market, and within buyers as well. In order to keep up with the selling world, we need to also keep up on trends. There’s so many factors that play into what trends become popular, and which ones tend to fade out after time. This guide will explain the trendiest decor of this year – and why it’s popular. 

home decor bohemian

Bohemian Notes

Muted tones, warm hues, and free-spirited pieces are making their way into staged homes everywhere in 2022. The relaxing bohemian style draws one’s eye to the details, and ensures there is a warm, inviting feel to the home. Using materials like wool, yarn, or cotton can bring cozy vibes to a home while maintaining the put-together look. Bohemian doesn’t always mean eclectic, there are ways to incorporate these pieces while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the home. Try out some different bohemian pieces and you’ll be surprised how well they flow. 

home decor clear acrylic

Glass and Acrylic

Seen in fashion as well as home decor, there has been a resurgence of acrylic, glass, or any see-through material. This gives your home a classic look while still being a little bit edgy. It’s important to have a few conversation starter pieces to add some personality into your staging, but remember to keep them classy and neutral. There’s no truer neutral than clear! Use this to your advantage and pair with the previously mentioned warm neutrals to bring the natural beauty of the home to the forefront, without too much distraction. 

No matter your decor choices, remember to remain neutral, cohesive, and bright. There’s a reason the trends of 2021 were light gray, and part of that reasoning was the way that the light hit the color, creating an inviting environment. 

Bring your business into 2022 and beyond with these trends! Happy decorating.