The Christmas season is here! Is your vacation rental ready? We have some tips for you to create a festive holiday experience for guests that will make your renters want to come back year after year.


Of course you need to create a festive atmosphere by decorating your vacation rental for the holidays. Decorate early, so that you are able to take photos of the home in all its Christmas glory for the rental listing. If you don’t want to cause any damage to your rental home, use command strips or hooks to hang decorations. No need to go overboard, but consider a small tree, some garland and lights, stockings over the mantle, and a wreath on the front door. 

Marketing is Key

If you want to attract renters to your rental property for the holidays, make sure you are marketing it properly. List the property on a rental site of your choice, and be sure to mention any details that will make it attractive as a holiday rental. List any local holiday attractions that are nearby such as ski resorts, Christmas performances, ice rinks, or local festivals. 

You should also list the number of guests that the home can accommodate, and describe how the space might best be used for holiday activities. Is there a great kitchen with a large island for prepping holiday feasts? Is there a great entertainment room for watching holiday movies or playing games with family and friends? Is there a hot tub or sauna where guests can escape the cold in luxury. Let potential renters know just how perfect their holiday will be spent in your rental property with these awesome features! 

If you have former renters, be sure to send out a newsletter letting them know your rental is available again for the Christmas season. You can also show off your festively decorated home on social media.

Prepare a Welcome Packet

Have a welcome packet ready for your guests when they arrive. This could include information about things to do in the area, especially Christmas-related activities. You can list recommendations for local eats or places to shop, and include coupons if you can. 

If you want, you can also leave a small gift for guests, such as a basket of treats like hot chocolate or hot cider mixes, a plate of cookies, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, or a bottle of wine or champagne. Go the extra mile to make them feel special, so they will leave a good review and maybe even want to return the next year.


Setting the right atmosphere is vital to creating an inviting experience for potential vacation renters. Fill the home with Christmas cheer, and be sure to share the photos and home’s wonderful features on the rental listing and on social media. 

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