It happens all the time. You find a house that is perfect in every way… except the kitchen. Although a nicely renovated kitchen is a huge selling point in today’s market, many homes still sell with an outdated kitchen. This month, we’re showing you a few do-it-yourself projects that can help to transform your new kitchen so that it better fits your needs and style!

Open Face Shelving

Open face shelving is one of the most popular kitchen design trends that has popped up over the last few years. Not only does this option give you more storage, but it can also give the illusion of having more space. In smaller kitchens, lots of bulky overhead cabinetry can begin to make the room feel cluttered. By replacing some of it with open face shelving, you’ll expose more of your wall, giving your kitchen a more open and airy feel. 

We recommend placing some of your most beautiful kitchen supplies on these shelves, as they’ll be out for everyone to see! Display your mug collection, wine glasses or nice plates for a curated effect. 

Replace Your Back Splash

Many outdated kitchens don’t have a backsplash, but adding one can add a little bit more personality to your kitchen, causing it to feel a bit more elevated. Of course, classic white subway tile is the most popular option, and pairs well with almost any design aesthetic. However, there are other options for patterns, shapes, materials and colorsso get creative!

If you’re not well versed in installing tile, don’t worry! Many home improvement stores have started to sell easy “peel and stick” backsplashes in a number of different styles! 

Give Your Countertops a Makeover

Countertops are arguably one of the most expensive items in a kitchen, so it’s not always an easy item to replace. However, if you’re not in love with your countertops, you have a few options to give them a makeover!

Concrete countertops have been floating around Pinterest for a few years now. Unlike traditional countertops with busy patterns, their gray color allows them to fit in with a larger variety of color schemes. Plus, they’re very user-friendly and take little to no maintenance! 

Check out this blog post which teaches you how to go over your existing countertops, and create a DIY polished concrete finish! 

We hope these do-it-yourself projects inspired you to start working towards the kitchen of your dreams!