Buying a home in the Fall doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Between the current state of the housing market in Texas, and the national shortage of homes, it can be scary for first time buyers to jump in. Luckily, Christine Richards has all of your home buying solutions – even for buyers who aren’t so confident in this market. Want to know what you need to do to score a house that’s off the charts? Here’s some expert tips!


Know Your Market


Understanding the Texas housing market can be confusing. With the proper tools and research, you can become just like a pro! Between prices being higher than ever before, and a lack of homes available, today’s market trends are more important than ever to buyers and sellers alike. Different homes go for different selling prices depending on the time of year, and Fall just so happens to be a great time to buy. Learning market trends is pattern recognition. Just because there is a shortage of homes now, doesn’t mean that the market will remain stagnant forever. Sometimes the jump to buy or sell has to be made regardless of the market forecast, and you never know how amazing it could be!


Trust Your Realtor


Working with a realtor you can trust is important. Even more important, is that you take your realtor’s advice and knowledge to heart throughout the buying process. Realtors understand the inner workings of the housing market trends. Have you heard of the “housing bubble?” The housing bubble theory can be concerning for those who are unsure of its consequences, however Christine Richards is bursting that bubble with facts. To learn more about the Texas housing market, check out our Instagram


Be Realistic


Having big home buying goals is amazing, however you may get burnt out on your search if the home you’re envisioning doesn’t exist in today’s market. Learning what’s non-negotiable to you and your family when it comes to your new home is an important aspect to scoring a house that’s off the charts! Light renovations are always an option, while not everyone’s first choice they can make your home feel that much more like YOU. Adding your personality to any space can make you realize that it really could be your forever home. Remember to study the “bones” of a home, and envision the endless possibilities that come with a new house! 


Don’t let today’s housing market scare you. Working with a realtor you trust and doing your research can make or break your buying process. Not sure where to begin when buying a home in the Fall? 

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