Moving houses is so exciting, and it’s even better when you’re moving into the home of your dreams! But with that excitement comes a lot of work. From selling your current house to packing and physically moving, your to-do list may seem never ending. Not to mention living in your home while it’s listed for-sale… that’s a whole different story! So today, we’re sharing our best tips for living in your home while it’s on the market, and how you can use that time to get ahead on the moving process!

Start packing before your home is on the market. Once you’ve found and locked down the next home you’re moving into, it’s smart to get a head start on packing. Begin with your non-essential items and items that you don’t use or need often, like holiday decor, kitchen gadgets, or seasonal clothing items. Odds are you’ll begin showing your home in the near future, so do your best to remove extra clutter and minimize decor in order to minimize stress as you try and maintain a clean, orderly house. 

On the other hand, moving houses presents the perfect opportunity to go through your belongings and declutter or donate what you don’t need or want anymore. If you don’t want it, don’t go through the trouble of packing and moving it to your next space- get rid of it! 

Put your valuables in a safe spot. Over the next few months, you’ll constantly have people coming through your home. While we like to trust others, it’s smart to lock up your valuables while your house is on the market, simply to maintain peace of mind. This includes fine jewelry, important documents, passports and more. 

Always have a bag packed. When your home is on the market, there may be a few times your realtor will need to show your home on short notice. In these instances, having a bag packed with your essentials can help keep stress levels low the next time you have to run out the door for the day. When you’re getting ready to head out, throw in your frequently used valuables, like laptops or tablets for safe keeping.

These are just a few tips that are easy to implement while your home is on the market! We hope they help you in your journey and work in your favor to minimize stress. Need advice about the moving process? We’re happy to help you sell your home quickly and effectively. Contact us at (832) 866-6122 or email us at christine@richardsrealtygroup.com!