Spring is in the air! If you love Spring, it’s time to redecorate and bring the Spring vibes into your home. Here are our five tips on how to achieve a bright, cheerful, springtime look to celebrate the season.

1. Decorate with Lots of Florals

One of the best parts of Spring is seeing all the flowers bloom in so many wonderful, vibrant colors. Bring nature indoors by filling your home with a plethora of plant life and flowers. In addition to actual flowers, you can decorate with dinnerware, artwork, and any home accessories with floral motifs to fill your home with Spring spirit.

2. Look for Pastel Colors and Spring Motifs

When you think of Spring, you probably think of soft pastels and bright colors. You don’t need to make a big commitment like painting the walls to introduce these colors into your home. Try pastel pillows, bright throw blankets, and softly-colored wall art, for example. Around this time of year, you probably won’t have a problem finding spring-themed items at your local home decor store. Look for items with motifs like flowers, rabbits, chickens, or colorful eggs – all the good things that make you think of Spring!

3. Switch to Lighter Fabrics

As the weather heats up, replace your heavier winter comforters and throw blankets with lighter, airier fabrics. These fabrics will be more appropriate for the weather and will give your home that soft, Springy feel.

4. Introduce Spring Scents

Do you love scented candles? It’s time to switch out those winter aromas for the signature scents of Spring. Look for candles with floral scents like rose, magnolias, or Japanese cherry blossoms. 

5. Don’t Forget your Outdoor Space

Don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space! Spring weather means you’ll probably be spending more time outside, so it’s important to make your outdoor space comfy, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing with plenty of Spring decor. Decorate with colorful flowers and bring new life to seating by adding pillows with spring motifs. Adorn your front door with a floral wreath, and place a new welcome mat at the entrance that celebrates Spring.


If you love home decor and if you love Spring, we hope this blog gives you some ideas on how to incorporate some new, fun, and seasonal looks into your home. 

Need a bigger change than just some redecorating? Perhaps you’re in the market for a new home this season? Book an appointment today and we’ll be happy to assist in your new home journey.