A new year brings new design trends to bring a fresh look to your space. We are now into the third year of the pandemic, and the desire for a home that is a comfortable sanctuary still remains strong. We spend more time at home these days and we need our homes to be a place where we feel safe and secure. The way we design our home can help achieve this mood.


Comfort and coziness is the main goal of 2022 interior design. Some ways you can achieve this are through earthy tones like brown, camel, or green, adding soft, round furniture, and decorating with plants. Try leather upholstery to introduce more earthy tones to the space.

Goodbye All-White, Hello Bold

The all-white minimalist look of the past few years is starting to phase out. This cold and sterile look does not lend itself to the comforting, homey aesthetic of 2022. Get ready for maximalism. This year will be defined by going extra – with big, bold prints, patterns, and tons of decor. Design will draw from playful 60s and 70s style prints and aesthetic. Of course, the Pantone color of the year, Very Peri – a bold violet, will be a popular color this year.

veri peri

Connecting with Nature

This yearning for calm and comfort have led many to seek a stronger connection with the natural world in their home. To achieve this look, try large windows for natural light, ample ventilation, lots of plants, and earthy tones and motifs to visually invoke nature. You can also invest in your outdoor space with a great deck or patio.

Longing for the Traditional

What can be more comforting than that traditional, nostalgic homey aesthetic that makes you reminisce about the good old days? The traditional home look is making a comeback this year. A great way to get this look is by visiting your local antique store for hidden treasures that you can bring new life to.

3-Dimensional Art

The more time we spend in our homes, the more visually interesting things we want to look at. Experiment with 3D wall art or fun sculptures to add that special something to your home.

Spaces with Personality

If we are going to be home all the time, we want our homes to reflect our interests, aesthetic, and hobbies, and to really embody us. Designing a space that really feels like you is a great way to find joy in your everyday life and surroundings.


The remote lifestyle is here to stay, so many find it beneficial to invest in a more permanent workspace where they can work or study more comfortably and productively. Be sure to bring your own personality to your workspace to make it a place you enjoy going to get your work done!


2022 will be defined by motivators carried over from the previous two pandemic years – a longing for calm, comfort, and serenity in the home. This year, this desire will express itself in an earthy, natural aesthetic, comfortable, homey furnishings, maximalism, multifunctional spaces, and tons of personality. We hope this blog has given you some fun ideas to redecorate your space in 2022. If you’re in need of a new dream home in which to incorporate these design trends, please be in touch.